yoga that feels (OMG) good!

Partner Yoga

partnership for extraordinary connections.

We, Brett Grachek and Teisha Rafko, are registered yoga teachers and friends who share an affinity for cultivating depth in interpersonal connections.

We have spent countless hours practicing Partner Yoga and Thai Massage, exploring the healing benefits of authentic human connection.   Everyone needs and deserves to love and be loved, and that love need not always be tied to romance and sex.

While we both practice and teach other styles of yoga, this site is dedicated to sharing Partner Yoga and Thai Massage.  We offer classes at various venues (come see us at the Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival) , and are available for retreats, workshops, or corporate events. Please check-out Teisha's schedule for upcoming classes, or message us if you are interested in hosting an event.

Push edges

An "edge" is the current limit of ones' mind and body in a given situation (this is about more than yoga postures). Edges vary from one situation to another, and even from one day to another Becoming aware of edges and successfully facing them is both empowering and rewarding.

Explore depths

There are so many ways to "go deep" in yoga.  We allow ourselves to feel and honor our emotions - free from judgement. We accept that we cannot control our feelings, only what we do with them. We connect spiritually to ourselves and others, knowing we are each worthy. These depths are loaded with clues of who we are and what makes us each so special.

Heal & rejuvinate

By practicing acceptance and love, yogis unlock therapeutic benefits no drug or medical procedure can deliver.  It can be incredibly healing to set aside a few moments out of every day to allow ourselves to "just be".